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API Portal Redesign - idea (2020)

API Portal Redesign

Vision project to streamline developer's experience in the API portal.


UX Designer and strategist


SAP Ariba API portal got implemented by a small team of developers to host their API documentation for selected customers to take advantage of the available APIs. They also provided a workflow for the developers to get access to production data. However, over the past few years, the site has expanded a lot to managing lots of APIs, customers, and partners. With the increase in demand and usage, more and more features got added. This resulted in a more complex experience, and the team realized that they needed a better design.


To understand the problem better, we started design thinking exercises with key stakeholders and customers. We identified various workflows and jobs to be done. We also brainstormed on the future directions to accommodate upcoming features and functionalities.

Key takeaways

1. Developer needs access to API and creates applications to meet his business needs. They are the ones who quickly come in and go with the information they need.
2. Administrators need to know who has access to what and monitor upgrades in API.

3. Ariba Administrator needs a simple tool to upload API documentation and also manage customers.


After several iterations on the design, we created a simple design where we made applications and APIs front and center. We also created a persona-based experience, so each persona sees part of the whole picture.

API Portal landing page

mockup-of-an-angled-macbook-pro-a20334 c

API details

API details.png

Create app

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