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Supplier Management

Supplier Management

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Design Lead


We have already lost 11 high-value customers due to poor user experience in just the last 12 months. The products do not have a cohesive experience as each product is built separately using different technology and built by different teams.


We conducted several design thinking sessions with customers to focus primarily on their needs and wants. 
From this research, we found that the majority of our customers really need a simple tool to create request forms with basic needs such as input fields, a data table, approval flow, and basic conditions and expressions.  Findings from our research helped us focus on MVP and build our vision from there. We create our first version of customs forms in less than six months. In our first release, we focused on ease of use by allowing users to drag and drop widgets such as dropdowns, text fields, etc., to a canvas to create, then test them and publish them for the end-user to use. We conducted several usability studies using our MVP and iterated our designs based on the findings.


Our vision is to create a low-code, no-code tool for our customers to solve their business needs and not worry about building and integrating them.


We got an inventory of features that we knew we would need to create an effective form builder, and then we identified what we need right now and what can come later based on the type of forms we wanted to support from right away.  

Value proposition
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Template selection
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Form builder
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Manage widget property
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Widgets and properties
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Condition builder
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API Mapper
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Form workflow
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Approval flow interaction demo




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