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Practice Head at UXReactor


"Completed the entire project in just under 8 months and delivered an end-to-end experience that delighted our customer "



I joined UXReactor as the Practice Head, responsible for leading a design team of 18 individuals. This team consisted of three design managers, one research manager, and 15 individual contributors across three continents: the US, Colombia, and India. My first project at UXReactor was with Guardhat, where I led a team of eight designers. Collaborating with executives and my team, I established Guardhat as a user-centered company. We focused on building experiences tailored to the key personas identified through user research.

Mr role: Design head for my practice and Chief Experience Officer for the client
tion: 8 months

Team: 8 people


Guardhat wanted to move away from being an IoT company building devices to building a platform for IoT devices so Device Manufacturers can easily integrate and onboard their devices and use the platform capabilities to provide solutions to their customers. However, Guardhat didn't have a design team, nor they had expertise in building user-centric products. 

About Guardhat

Company size: 51-200 employees

33 on LinkedIn Includes members with current employer listed as Guardhat Inc., including part-time roles.

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Founded: 2014

Specialties: Industrial Safety, Personal Safety Wearable, Enterprise worker connectivity, IoT, Wearables, Platform, SaaS, IIoT, People-Centric, Worker Safety, Software, and Industrial Technology

Reinvinventing Guardhat

Reinventing Guardgat

As a  Chief Experience Officer for Guardhat, I worked directly with the execs from Guardhat. I also managed my team and ensured we focused on innovation and delivering a great experience. My team delivered this project the entire project in less than 8 months and provided a design strategy that built the foundation for a $170B market opportunity.


I utilized the product-led growth strategy for this project and centered the entire experience around key personas identified for the platform. I implemented a user-centric approach to design the product from scratch. This approach involved Phase I, which focused on research, and Phase II, which concentrated on iterative design through design and validation.

I facilitated several workshops with Guardhat executives, including the CEO, CTO, and marketing, sales, and delivery team representatives, to establish a user-centric vision for the product. During the workshop, I helped define a product focus that my team could deliver in a very tight timeline of six months.



Established product foundation for a $170B opportunity market (by 2026)

Guardhat will now be able to compete in the market by offering a connected platform to increase the adoption rate of device manufacturers, which will further empower Device manufacturers to compete, expand their market share, and create profit.

Guardhat self-serve experience will reduce the time & cost required by the solutions team to onboard devices and the effort and time for the sales team to complete lead conversion.


Aligned the team on a common vision

Aligned the business product vision and strategy by planning and executing strategic workshops and validating concepts with real users. Collaborated with the sales and commercial team to define a pricing model and strategy with a user-centric focus.

Product vision.png

Created a design foundation for the IoT platform

Transformed Guardhat from a hardware company to a user-centered Platform as a Service.

  • Increased cross-functional collaboration by reducing silos and aligning teams from all levels to focus on a user-first design process from research to development.

  • Established a user-centric approach to solving problems.


Established a Design System

Provided visual concepts and design systems that serve as a single source of truth for the product and a singular design language to guide its further design and development. 

Furthermore, the design system will help with:

  • Reducing time to market

  • Scalability

  • Quality of experience to build consistent products

  • Efficiency

Design Foundation.png

Established a Competitive Experience Advantage

Analyzed where Guardhat stands against its competitors and identified design principles to transform experiences to compete with the market.

  • A best-in-class experience designed for two key personas in the Device Manufacturing entity with user-validated concepts.

Competitive advantage.png

Created a seamless and convenient experience with accessibility across all modalities

Users can access the product or service from different devices and through different modes of interaction, such as through a web browser, a mobile app, or a tablet app.


  • Increase reach and accessibility to a wider audience

  • Improve user experience and productivity

  • Ability to collect data and insights from multiple sources

  • It also allows customers to use the product or service most conveniently, driving engagement and usage.


Key learnings

This was a significantly complex project, with most of the stakeholders spread across the world. Reflecting back, here are my key learnings

  1. Align design decisions with business goals. 

  2. Communication is key: The more, the better. 

  3. Build enough Cusson for the team, as things may change as the project evolves. 

  4. Establish a clear focus and vision for the team.

  5. Storytelling is key; every design should be tied to a story from the user's perspective.

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