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Intuit adaptive conversion(2012)

Adaptive Conversion

High call volume after the roll-out of a new flow asking the users to update their account credentials and enroll to the new 2 factors authentication method.


UX Designer


When I joined Intuit in 2011, I was assigned to a project where they migrated their data center to a new and secured one. As a result, they had to ensure that the user ID and password are compliant with the latest security standards and add a 2-factors authentication method to each account. Updating all users' login credentials, particularly overseas users such as marine deployed in other countries with limited internet access to the internet and older people with a suspicion of login credentials changes, was a big challenge.

When Intuit rolled out these changes, our customers, such as banks and credit unions, received unusually high call volume and instantly revolted against the new changes. Our product owner assigned a new task force to find a solution, and they assigned this project to me.  This was my very first project at Intuit, and the tension was high. 

I analyzed the new flow and a call volume analysis to understand problematic areas. After several rounds of brainstorming exercises with the Product Manager and other key stakeholders, and doing usability studies on various ideas, I came up with a new solution, an adaptive flow based on the needs and not use one standard flow for all the users. We called this adaptive conversion.


1. We removed the intro page

2. We took the user to the home page and presented this on a popup vs. keeping them locked out as in the previous design.

3. We divided the flow to:

  • Users who need to change password only

  • Users who need to change both username and password

  • Users who need to update their phone number and verify their phone number

  • Users who need just to verify their phone number

  • Finally, we only presented what is necessary for getting them onboarded to the new site.



We were asking them to change both the username and password



We asked them to change user name, password or both only if they are not compliant.



We were asking them to verify their phone number in all the cases.



We asked them to verify their phone number only if they add a new phone number.

Before the change


The phone numbers were used as buttons



We clearly showed the phone numbers and call to action to get a text or call option.


The number of pages/ tasks went down from 8 pages for some users to 2.

After the rollout, this significantly reduced the call volume and customers were happy with the new changes.

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